UH-1 Huey/Iroquois

The UH-1N aircraft initially provided search and rescue capabilities before replacing earlier Huey variants in the ICBM field security and support role.

UH-1Ns also provide administrative/DV lift to U.S. National Capital Region at JB Andrews and U.S. Forces-Japan at Yokota, as well as supporting aircrew survival training at Fairchild. The TH-1H fleet provides Air Force helicopter pilot training at Fort Rucker.

USAF converted all single engine UH-1H models to TH-1H variants, extending their service lives’ by at least 20 years. USAF awarded Boeing the $2.4 billion UH-1N replacement contract for up to 84 MH-139s in 2018, but contract delays pushed initial fielding to 2023 or beyond.

The fleet recently received NVG-compatible cockpits, upgraded sensors, and safety and sustainment improvements. The ongoing SLEP of up to 63 airframes aims to bridge the gap until the MH-139A is fielded and USAF plans to begin retiring the fleet in 2022 with full retirement by 2032.

UH-1N is the only DOD aircraft fleet to consistently achieve its target mission capable rate over the past decade.

Contractors: Bell Helicopter; Lockheed Martin (TH-1H prime).
First Flight: April 1969 (UH-1N).
Delivered: September 1970-1974; November 2005-2013 (TH-1H).
IOC: October 1970 (UH-1N); circa 2009 (TH-1H).
Production: 28 (TH-1H); 79 (USAF UH-1Ns).
Inventory: 28 (TH-1H); 63 (UH-1N).
Operator: AETC, Air Force District of Washington, AFGSC, AFMC, PACAF.
Aircraft Location: Eglin AFB, Fla.; Fairchild AFB, Wash.; F. E. Warren AFB, Wyo.; Fort Rucker, Ala.; JB Andrews, Md.; Kirtland AFB, N.M.; Malmstrom AFB, Mont.; Minot AFB, N.D.; Yokota AB, Japan.
Active Variants: •TH-1H. Modified twin-engine version of UH-1H used for flight training. •UH-1N. Military version of the Bell 212 used for utility support and light lift.
Dimensions: Rotor diameter 48 ft, length 57 ft, height 13 ft. (TH-1H); rotor diameter 48 ft, length 57.1 ft, height 12.8 ft. (UH-1N).
Weight: Max gross 10,500 lb.
Power Plant: One Honeywell T53-L-703 turboshaft, 1,800 shp (TH-1H); two Pratt & Whitney Canada T400-CP-400 turboshafts, 1,290 shp (UH-1N).
Performance: Speed 149 mph, range 300+ miles (UH-1N).
Ceiling: 15,000 ft (10,000 ft with 10,000+ lb).
Armament: (Optional) two General Electric 7.62 mm miniguns or two 40 mm grenade launchers; two seven-tube 2.75-in rocket launchers.
Accommodation: Two pilots, flight engineer.
Load: Six to 13 passengers (depending on fuel, equipment, and atmospheric conditions) or up to six litters or, without seats, bulky, oversize cargo (UH-1N).

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