Since its inception, the digital twin has proven to be a revolutionary design tool for the aerospace and defense (A&D) industry. The ability to develop and test new products using virtual models (digital twins) before producing them physically has saved...
Boeing’s defense business has stabilized following a series of massive quarterly losses that put the company in a precarious position, top executives said on an earnings call Jan. 25. Now, officials said they are focused on moving forward with new technology in the Boeing Defense, Space, ...


Jan. 20, 2023
A collection of quotes on air power, space power, and national security issues.

World: Air Power

Jan. 20, 2023
WORLD: Air Power: F-35 flies with Tech Refresh 3; B-21 family of systems; RC-26 aircraft to the Boneyard.
Americans are waking up to the fact that our military is not as ready or as capable as it needs to be. Just two years ago, 62 percent of Americans thought U.S. military strength was “about right” and 25 percent thought it was “not strong ...