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Refining the JADC2 Concept

The Air Force is shifting its approach from one focused on proofs of concepts and experiments to one based on developing an operational architecture and model.

B-21 Raider: The Indispensable Bomber

Today, the U.S. long-range bomber fleet is the oldest, smallest, and most fragile it has ever been. Except for the B-2, U.S. bombers cannot survive in highly contested air space. Fielding a robust force of B-21s is the only way the United States can maintain the range and payload advantage it enjoyed in past conflicts.

Out of the Cold War, Into the Fire 

n the fourth of our four-part series on former Chiefs of Staff, we profile Gen. Larry D. Welch (CSAF No. 12) and Gen. Michael J. Dugan (CSAF No. 13).

Strategy & Policy: The New National Defense Strategy 

The new, public version of the National Defense Strategy, unveiled by Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III on Oct. 27, calls out China as the U.S. military’s “pacing threat,” offers no force-sizing construct nor specifics about numbers of forces the U.S. needs.

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