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The China Threat 

Broadly speaking, the PLA has been pursuing a modernization effort in what is known as the three “izations:” mechanization, informationization, and intelligentization.

Answering the China Challenge 

The Air Force is using these exercises to drill Airmen in new operational concepts, such as agile combat employment, which emphasizes the ability to work from dispersed and sometimes austere locations.  

Next-Gen Fighter Engines

Adaptive technology is the next step in fighter propulsion. It is our assurance of long-term air dominance and propulsion superiority.

Tyndall Rises Again

Base planners here are evaluating a suite of new technologies that could change the way military installations operate well into the future.

Editorial: China Syndrome 

We are also in a modern-day arms race, in some cases playing catch-up, and we are competing to win friends and influence nations worldwide.