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Air & Space Forces Magazine May/June 2024 issue

2024 USAF & USSF Almanac: DAF Personnel

Personnel by the numbers: Total Force; end strength and manpower trends; breakdowns by gender, rank, region, command, base, Air Force Specialty Codes, sex, ethnicity, race, marital status, and education.

2024 USAF & USSF Almanac: Spending

Each year, the President submits a budget request to Congress. Congress can add to or subtract from that request, and does, on an item-by-item basis.

2024 USAF & USSF Almanac: U.S. Space Force

The U.S. Space Force was created on Dec. 20, 2019. The Space Force exists as a separate military service within the Department of the Air Force, lead by the Chief of Space Operations.

Editorial: A Lesson Learned 

The principles of the Powell Doctrine and the effective deterrence that it should yield remain relevant today as we contemplate a new Cold War with China and two regional conflicts in which American policy is deeply intertwined.