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Frank Kendall ordered in September a sweeping review of five lines of effort across the department, seeking to uproot the impediments to current and future readiness.


He’s always got a mind on the future and making sure that the decisions we make today aren’t trapped in the environment of today.

Fast & Flexible Space 

We’re trying to articulate a requirement to the Space Force that we need to be able to have sustained space maneuver.

Collaborative Combat Aircraft for Disruptive Air Warfare 

The Mitchell Institute conducted a wargame and associated studies to assess how a family of uncrewed Collaborative Combat Aircraft could increase the lethality, survivability, and capacity of the Air Force’s air superiority forces for operations in highly contested environments.

Editorial: Re-Optimize Now  

Having focused the services’ modernization efforts around seven Operational Imperatives designed to accelerate the injection of new capabilities into the force, Kendall is now setting his sights on organizational impediments to change.