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Air & Space Forces Magazine is the monthly journal of the Air & Space Forces Association and among the world’s foremost publications on defense, aerospace, and airpower. We cover Air and Space operations, programs, technology, as well as its people and history. Air & Space Forces​ Magazine is an authoritative source for insight and analysis about airpower, spacepower, and U.S. and allied defense strategy.

Our Daily Report email is a daily must-read for air and space professionals—in uniform and out. Comprising staff-written news and a curated selection of newsworthy, relevant, and reliable content from other reputable sources, the Daily Report is the ideal way to start each day for anyone interested in keeping up to date with the Air Force, Space Force, and international air and space power.

Air & Space Forces Magazine’s annual Air & Space Forces Almanac is the go-to comprehensive source for facts, figures, and other details about the Air Force and Space Force. With sections on bases, budgets, commands, people, and weapons systems, it’s a one-stop shop for USAF and USSF information published annually since 1973. Access to the Almanac is restricted to subscribers, who also become members of the Air & Space Forces Association.

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Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Bruce “Orville” Wright