March 2007

Vol. 90, No. 3

Bad to the B-One

Out in the Dakotas, the 28th Bomb Wing keeps the B-1B’s edge sharp and ready.

Aerospace World

1,100 Officers Face Cuts Soon This month the Air Force will convene a board to consider for separation nearly 1,800 officers from year groups 2003 and 2004 to help it in its force shaping efforts. March 31 also marks the...


They Fought (Virtually) Alone “My Army has been underfunded for more than half a century. The Army’s slice of the total defense budget has remained steady at about a quarter on the dollar since the Korean War. Today, the Air...

Orville Wright Plays Hardball

“Why the 1903 Wright Aeroplane Is Sent to a British Museum” Orville Wright US Air Services Magazine March 1928 FULL TEXT VERSION The 1903 Wright Flyer—the first working airplane—hangs in the National Air and Space Museum, but it took 45...


Billy Mitchell Dr. Rebecca Grant is a jewel for our Air Force and the Air Force Association. She is a superbly credentialed observer of our institution, articulate, with a keen sense of history. She has written extensively. Her piece entitled...


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