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Expanding the Envelope

In the schools around Eglin AFB, Fla., Leo Murphy has created a regional aviation hotbed and a pipelin

The Force Was With Her

AFA’s 2007 National Teacher of the Year brought the world of aerospace to students in Kansas.

First Shirts

Their lineage goes back a long way, and they play a vital role in today’s Air Force.

Vanished Arts

What has been lost with the demise of wipers, oilers, cleaners, and supernumeraries?

State-of-the-Art Teaching

AFA's Teacher of the Year, Susan Rippe, has made her aerospace program the envy of the region.

The 90 Percent Solution

Because of advances in aeromedical evacuation, most American troops now survive their combat wounds.

The “Doctor” Is In

Patrick A. Welsh is the Aerospace Education Foundation’s National Teacher of the Year.

The Ground Observer Corps

Some 800,000 volunteers at 16,000 observation posts scanned the sky for hostile aircraft.

Up to Basics

New officers leave USAF’s Air and Space Basic Course as dedicated airpower advocates.

The Class of 50 Years Ago

In the summer of 1955, the Air Force Academy opened its doors to its first group of cadets.

The Search Goes On

Little by little, the effort to find and identify Vietnam War dead and missing is yielding results.

Mr. Caron’s Opus

AEF's 2004 Teacher of the Year is bringing the world of aerospace to New Hampshire students.

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