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Cope North up Close

Andersen AFB, Guam—From contrail altitudes to near the flat blue floor of the Pacific, there’s an air battle raging morning and afternoon here. It’s called Cope North and its grown into a major trilateral event in the suite of USAF...


Andersen AFB, Guam—Cope North is putting partnership into practice as a real demonstration of the Asia-Pacific pivot. Japan is a long-time player in Cope North. This year, the Japan Air Self Defense Force brought F-15MJs, F-2 fighters, and E-2C Hawkeye...

Schwalier Files Lawsuit

Retired Brig. Gen. Terryl Schwalier has filed suit in US District Court in a bid to reverse a punishment he received after the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing. Named as defendants in their official capacities are Defense Secretary Robert Gates and...

Whiteman B-2s Hit Peacetime Flight Record

The B-2s at Whiteman AFB, Mo., are logging more hours than ever as they train for their wide range of conventional and strategic missions, officials said.

Banding Together

USAF’s bands build bridges and boost morale—but are constantly questioned.

Our German Scientists

At the end of the war in Europe, Allied teams raced to capture and exploit the best brains of the Thir

The Second Offset

When the Soviets achieved nuclear parity, the US regained its military advantage—through technology.

Airpower Against Ships

USAF is developing the tactics and technology needed for operations against targets in the vast Pacifi

The Silicon Offset

Future breakthroughs may come from America’s innovative tech sector.

Promise Fulfilled

It has never been easy, but the tiny B-2 fleet delivers range, payload, and stealth.

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