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Enemies for Hire

Sometimes, the best “Red Air” comes from the private sector.


The no-nonsense general made airpower work in some of the toughest environments.

The Checklist

A 1935 crash almost killed the B-17 program. The accident led to the modern checklist, and the B-17 su

Big Bang

In 1962, Operation Dominic regularly lit up the sky above the Pacific Ocean with nuclear yields up to

The Berlin For Lunch Bunch

Throughout the Cold War, USAF crews took advantage of the air corridors to Berlin to spy on the Soviet forces in East Germany.

Milton’s Climb

In 1933, T. R. Milton enlisted as an Army private. Ten years later, the future four-star general was l

Breaking the Dragon’s Jaw

North Vietnam’s Thanh Hoa Bridge was a critical but seemingly invincible target. It took years of brav

The Last of the Dive-bombers

The Army Air Forces turned to dive-bombers for accuracy, but the A-24 Banshee found itself in the wron

Hog Heaven

Paul Johnson led the rescue team to a downed F-14 pilot just as Iraqi forces were moving in.

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