December 2002

Vol. 85, No. 12

Dawn Patrol on the Hudson

In upstate New York, carefully rebuilt World War I and 1920s era aircraft take to the skies once more.

The Emerging Shield

Lt. Gen. Ronald Kadish, USAF, head of US missile defense efforts, says the program is making rapid pro

Aerospace World

USAF Changes F/A-22 Leaders Senior Air Force officials on Nov. 18 announced changes of both top managers for the F/A-22 fighter program. They cited increased program schedule demands and a need to align acquisition with “operational acumen” as the primary...


War Is Last Choice “The use of force is not my first choice, it’s my last. But my first choice, as well, is not to allow the world’s worst leader to blackmail, to harm America with the world’s worst weapons.”—President...

The Air Force Birth Certificate

“Memorandum No. 6” Brig. Gen. James Allen, Chief Signal Officer of the Army Signal Office Washington, D.C., August 1, 1907 FULL TEXT VERSION In 1907, the chief of the Army Signal Corps created the progenitor to the US Air Force...

Grass Cutting

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