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The Chappie James Way

Excellence, determination, and grit drove his historic rise to the top of the US military.

Rare-Earth Uncertainty

A long list of obscure elements are vital for advanced electronics and military systems. China has cor

Misplaced Nukes

The Air Force made major changes in organization, culture, and leadership after nuclear missiles were

These Magnificent Spires

A soaring inspiration, the Air Force Memorial celebrates its 10th anniversary this month.


Airman and tireless space exploration advocate Buzz Aldrin was also the second man to walk on the moon

Package Q

USAF’s first big conventional air raid of Desert Storm proved unexpectedly dangerous.

Iran and the Bomb

An agreement is in place, and the devil is in the details.

Heroism From the Hip

Airmen aboard a shot-up Mi-17 saved the lives of several Afghans—and one of their own.


Before he served three tours in Vietnam, before he spent 11 months as a POW, Joseph Kittinger jumped f

Mission Accomplished

In November, three of the four surviving Doolittle Raiders raised their goblets, one last time, to hon

AFJROTC in a Holding Pattern

In recent years, the Air Force-inspired high school citizenship program saw more students, instructors

The Aerodrome Fraud

Langley’s aircraft broke apart into the Potomac nine days before the Wright brothers’ successful flight. Glenn Curtiss later made sure it flew.

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