September 1997

Vol. 80, No. 9

Pieces of 50

A rich history can be seen in some of the most common things.


H.H. Arnold, one of the nation's first military aviators, went on to become the founding father of the

AFA/AEF Almanac

A compendium of facts and figures about the Air Force Association and the Aerospace Education Foundation.

Aerospace World

Ryan Selected for Top Post Gen. Michael E. Ryan, USAF’s top commander in Europe, was tapped to become the Air Force’s 17th Chief of Staff, the service’s highest uniformed position. The plan called for Ryan to swiftly succeed Gen. Ronald...


In Like Flinn “We distributed the first news release on May 6 to 125 targeted media, including wire services and top daily newspapers. The news release focused on the Flinn family’s appeal to military authorities to reconsider her court-martial and...

Fully Equipped

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