Bill Gertz

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Rhythm and Blue

Songs tell the cultural history of the Air Force— and other services, too.

Purloined Yak

The theft of the fighter was a classic tale of Cold War skullduggery.

Terrorists Seek the Big Bang

The CIA says that terrorists are pushing to acquire "ultimate weapons"--nuclear, chemical, biological-

Flash Point Taiwan

Taiwan is the last major post-revolution territorial issue for China, and tensions are rising.

Missile Threats and Defenses

The threat of ballistic missile attack is growing much faster than had been anticipated by US intellig

Terrorism and the Force

The Khobar Towers bombing demonstrated that for some adversaries terrorism will be a preferred form of

Miracle in the Desert

In a matter of weeks, the Air Force established a more secure hub for Southern Watch operations and mo

RED HORSE of the Balkans

Air Force engineers build operating facilities for US peacekeeping forces deploying to Bosnia.

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