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Valor: All For One

Courage and ingenuity were the keys to a unique rescue in southwest China.

Valor: The First Air Force Cross

When the Cold War threatened to become hot, the President called on USAF's U-2 pilots to get proof of Soviet missiles in Cuba.

Valor: The Ordeal of Sad Sack II

The heroism of Sad Sack II's crew typified that of the more than 160 crews that bombed refineries at Ploesti in the low-level attack of Aug. 1, 1943.

Valor: The Pioneers

Hundreds of airmen have risked their lives in peacetime to build an Air Force able to defend our national interests.

Valor: “Here Am I. Send Me.”

Karl Richter's heroism and commitment are as much an inspiration to his successors as they were a quarter-century ago to his comrades who flew Downtown.

Valor: Skip-Bombing Pioneer

In the fall of 1942, a better way of sinking Japanese ships had to be found. Ken McCullar was one of the first to master the new tactic.

Valor: Courage, Heroism, Valor

Throughout his life, Eddie Rickenbacker overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles to become a national hero and a major figure in American aviation.

Valor: Battle Over Bougainville

Jay Zeamer and his crew had to get back to New Guinea with intelligence essential to the invasion of Bougainville.

Valor: Valley of the Shadow

On Oct. 6, 1918, two young airmen faced almost certain disaster in their final attempt to save the Lost Battalion.

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