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Accelerating Fifth-Gen Airpower 

Beginning with the fiscal 2024 budget, every dollar for F-35 will fund TR-3-equipped Block 4 jets. The need for those jets could hardly be greater.

Commander and Chief

FDR and Hap Arnold frequently clashed, but their partnership brought about the mighty Army Air Forces.

Making the H-Bomb

The nation was divided about the thermonuclear weapon, but Truman concluded, “We have no choice.”

Soldier for Airpower

Gen. George C. Marshall helped clear the path for development of a powerful US air arm.


Long before Robert Lovett became Secretary of Defense, he helped Hap Arnold push for increased aircraf

Ike and the Air Force

After the war, Eisenhower came to the forefront as an advocate for an independent air arm.

Airman in the Shadows

Gen. Lauris Norstad worked well behind the scenes, and his quiet actions had a decisive impact on US d

Knerr the Crusader

To quote Hugh Knerr, “Sometimes it is necessary to violently rock the boat to dislodge the rats.”

The Twentieth Against Japan

Hap Arnold’s unique B-29 force brought Japan to its knees and helped make the case for an independent

The “New Look”

Under Eisenhower, strategic airpower became the centerpiece of US military strategy.

Decision at Casablanca

The daytime vs. nighttime bombing debate carried the highest stakes--the outcome of the war against Ge

American Chieftains

The services controlled military operations until 1958, when Eisenhower gave that power to a new class

Pantelleria, 1943

Airpower won its first victory over a land force. The Tuskegee Airmen saw their first combat. Not bad

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