March 1996

Vol. 79, No. 3


Here’s a statistical profile of Americans who have served in the armed forces.

Wings of Change

By January 1997, the F-111 will be history. The EF-111 may soon follow it into retirement.

The Kisling Memorial

A life-size bronze statue, presented by AFA's Montgomery Chapter, honors the late Chief Master Sergean

Aerospace World

Geese Caused AWACS Disaster Pacific Air Forces released accident investigation board findings that confirmed earlier speculation that a flock of geese caused the crash of an E-3B Sentry in Alaska on September 22, 1995. The Airborne Warning and Control System...


Did Saddam Slip the Punch “I think it might have been wise after the war to insist Saddam Hussein come to the tent in Safwan and sign the cease-fire. I don’t know whether that would have worked or not. ....


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