Mike Tsukamoto

Mike Tsukamoto is the photo editor for Air & Space Forces Magazine. Prior to joining the publication he was responsible for image galleries for usatoday.com and its social platforms. He was also photo editor for the front page of the newspaper’s print edition for 20 years.

Recent stories by Mike Tsukamoto

20 Years of 9/11: A Photo Story

Unless you were too young—or perhaps not yet even born—we all remember 9/11: Where we were, what we were doing, what we did next. Two decades hence we are still recollecting, still coming to grips with what happened that day and what has transpired since. ...

The B-2 at 30: Improving with Age

The improbably shaped B-2 Spirit is the most recognizable aircraft in the Air Force inventory and very possibly the least understood.

Air Warfare Symposium 2019

The Air Force Association's annual Air Warfare Symposium runs Feb. 27-March 1, in Orlando, Fla. The theme of this year’s conference is “Innovation: Future Force Faster.”

Commemorating USAF’s 100-Year Units

2017 marks 70 years since the United States Air Force was established as an independent military service, but many of USAF’s entities trace their history back much further. In fact, 65 of today’s Active Duty, Air National Guard, and Air...

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