March 2022

Vol. 105, No. 3

Foreign advances and U.S. neglect have realigned the electromagnetic battlefield. Here’s how USAF is fighting back.

Glass Ceilings

America may be on the verge of promoting its first woman to lead a military service. The Air Force has the inside track.


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Kendall: Air Force Still Digging Itself Out of ‘Readiness Hole’

“I’m very concerned about our readiness levels, our availability of the current fleet. Some fleets like our battle management fleet, AWACS as well, are not anywhere near where they need to be,” Secretary Frank Kendall said.; USAF Aircraft Mishaps Down; Integrated Warfighting Network. 

AFA in Action

Last October, U.S. Representative Tony Gonzales, of Texas District 23, visited the Medina Valley High School CyberPatriot Team in their new cyber competition building in Castroville, Texas.


A collection of quotes on air power, space power, and national security issues.