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GBSD Using Digital Twinning at Every Stage of The Program Lifecycle

The Air Force-managed modernization of America’s ground-based nuclear missiles has emerged as a test-bed for the use of digital twins—virtual models of real weapons systems—at every stage of the program lifecycle, its chief told the Space Symposium April 7. “What the digital environment allowed us ...

LEO Constellations’ Connectivity Offers Risks, And Rewards, Execs Warn

Many of the more remarkable capabilities of the coming generation of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellations come from their extraordinary connectivity—they’re networked not just with receivers on the ground, but with each other, as well. But this connectivity also means an increased cyber attack ...

Cutting Edge New LEO Constellations Will Use Familiar Link 16 Tech

The Space Development Agency’s experimental Low Earth Orbit (LEO) data transport constellation will employ bleeding edge new technology in space when it starts to launch later this year. But down on the ground, SDA Director Derek M. Tournear told the Space Symposium April 6, the ...

US Must ‘Slash Costs’ to Afford Space Superiority, Raymond Says

The U.S. military can’t afford the new proliferated, multi-orbit satellite constellations it needs unless military contractors cut costs by an order of magnitude, the Space Force Chief said. “We must also slash costs,” Gen. John W. “Jay” Raymond, Space Force Chief of Space Operations, told ...

‘Fix My Computer’

Lauren Barrett Knausberger, USAF’s chief information officer said, "There’s just not enough money to fix it all at once."

Space Force Wrestling With ‘Digital First’ Culture

The Space Force—the only military branch born in the information age—has declared itself a “digital first” service. But its leaders are still wrestling with the challenges of digital transformation and working to build a 21st century service culture, they recently told attendees at an industry ...

DOD Wants Data Management Capabilities on the Front Lines

The Defense Department’s most advanced and successful initiatives leveraging its huge troves of data involve back-office or support functions—not warfighting, according to the department's chief data officer. But DOD is pushing ahead with a recent program to bring data management capabilities to front-line combatant commands.

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