March 2012

Vol. 95, No. 3

Fighters over Korea

The Korean War saw the end of the propeller-driven fighter era overlap with the early days of the jet age.

The Red Baron

More than 100 pilots surpassed Manfred von Richthofen’s kill total, but none earned his fame or notori

Air Force World

Three Airmen Killed in Afghanistan Three airmen died when an improvised explosive device struck their vehicle near Shir ghazi in Afghanistan’s Helmand province Jan. 5, DOD announced. The deceased were: TSgt. Matthew S. Schwartz, 34, of Traverse City, Mich.; SrA....


Knocked Off Balance “The Air Force’s definition of ‘balanced’ cuts tilts heavily against the nation’s most experienced and cost-effective flying units. Despite claims last week that reductions to Air Force aircraft and personnel would be ‘balanced’ across the active component,...

Hs 129

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Les Aspin Was Dead Right

“The Military Option” Rep. Les Aspin, democrat of Wisconsin Chairman, House Armed Services Committee White Paperon Persian Gulf Crisis Washington, DC Jan. 8, 1991 FULL TEXT VERSION In early 1991, Washington was agonizing about possible war with Iraq. Some hawkish...


Always Bring Them Home I read with great interest Richard Halloran’s article, “Return to Vietnam” [January, p. 60]. The work accomplished by the airmen and Navy Seabees to renovate three medical clinics and build a library for a Vietnamese orphanage...


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AFA National Report

San Antonio Success Air Education and Training Command’s sixth January symposium—co-hosted by the Alamo Chapter in San Antonio—attracted yet another record crowd. AFA Board Chairman Sandy Schlitt (left) and Alamo Chapter President Randy Coggins look over an information brochure at...