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Air Interdiction

The mission began in World War I and has been employed with varying success but increasing importance.

War Over the Fjords

The 1940 Norway campaign showed how modern warfare would require airpower and joint operations.


The fog of war can be deadly and tragic.

The Early War Plans

In the late 1940s, the Soviets had millions of men under arms, but the US had nuclear weapons and airp

Early Atomic Air

The airmen charged with delivering nuclear weapons were often kept in the dark about the revolutionary

How Bombers Defeated Japan

The Strategic Bombing Survey authoritatively determined that the B-29 campaign played a decisive role

The USSBS’ Eye on Europe

The US Strategic Bombing Survey chronicled a cascading, cata­clysmic failure throughout the German eco

Paradox List

Airpower appears to be a mass of contradictions. That perception is right—and wrong.

The 90-Year Tanker Saga

Start with a World War I Russian pilot and go from there to US power projection.

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