August 2004

Vol. 87, No. 8

Space Almanac

Facts, figures, agency and system profiles, budget data, and other information about US and foreign space programs.

Test by Trial

The unique 46th Test Group tries out a wide range of weapons systems over the white sands of southern New Mexico.

To Honor a Generation

The new National World War II Memorial on the mall is a striking tribute in bronze and granite.

Aerospace World

Airman Killed in Iraq SSgt. Dustin W. Peters, 25, was killed July 11 when the Army convoy in which he was riding in Iraq was hit by an “improvised explosive device,” according to a USAF news release. Peters, a native...


Speed Over Mass “In general, in capabilities, you can just basically look at the lessons learned out of Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom, that speed is more important than mass.”—“ Senior Administration official,” speaking on background, Pentagon news briefing, June...

Vietnam Warrant

“The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution” Senate and House of Representatives Joint Resolution 1145, Washington, D.C. Aug. 7, 1964 FULL TEXT VERSION On Aug. 2, 1964, North Vietnamese PT boats launched a daylight attack on USS Maddox, a Navy destroyer in...