October 2002

Vol. 85, No. 10

Top Chief

The new Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force says his top concern is the high tempo of operations.

Aerospace World

DOD Announces Shift in Tactics On Sept. 16, senior DOD leaders confirmed that coalition aircraft were striking higher-value targets in response to repeated Iraqi attacks on those aircraft as they patrol the no-fly zones over Iraq. Defense Secretary Donald H....


Lock ’Em Up “Every once in a while, there are people in the United States government who decide that they want to break federal criminal law and release classified information, and they ought to be imprisoned. And if we find...

The Army’s Specification No. 486

“Specification No. 486” Brig. Gen. James Allen, Chief Signal Officer of the Army Signal Office Washington, D.C., December 23, 1907 FULL TEXT VERSION The Army turned down initial overtures by the Wright brothers after their historic 1903 flight. It would...

The Point

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