September 2000

Vol. 83, No. 9


Behind the placid surface of the vision statements, several fires are burning briskly.

In Yeager’s Footsteps

Pilots, navigators, and engineers train at the USAF Test Pilot School–preparing to write new chapters in aerospace history.

USAF’s Best in Operations

AFA and the Air Force recognize the best crews, aerial tactician, and crew chief for their 1999 accomplishments.

Best of Guard and Reserve

AFA and the Air Force recognize the best Guard and Reserve airmen, crews, and units for their 1999 accomplishments.

AFA/AEF Almanac

A compendium of facts and figures about the Air Force Association and the Aerospace Education Foundation.

Aerospace World

Airpower Called Decisive in Kosovo The Air Force general in charge of analyzing Operation Allied Force said his study showed NATO airpower dealt a decisive blow to Yugoslav forces. Brig. Gen. John Corley, USAFE’s director of studies and analysis, described...


Remembering Aug. 2, 1990 “Kuwait is free. It’s rebuilt. It has a thriving economy. Its citizens travel all over the world. Iraq is contained. It has a broken economy. It is an isolated state. And I think that’s the fundamental...


F2T2EA One way to simplify the F2T2EA [“Find, Fix, Track, Target, Engage, Assess,” July, p. 24] problem is to put more emphasis on managing the tactical employment of surveillance and attack assets from onboard the theater [Command and Control, Intelligence,...