June 2000

Vol. 83, No. 6


If the computers and satellite links are good enough, the combat support force can be located half a w

Aerospace World

Human Error Cited in Kuwait C-130 Crash Pilot error was the cause of the Dec. 10 crash of a C-130E transport in Kuwait, according to a newly released accident report. The aircraft, part of USAF’s 9th Expeditionary Airlift Group, crashed...


Room Service at Hanoi Hilton “Though having committed untold crimes on our people, American pilots suffered no revenge once they were captured and detained. Instead, they were well-treated with adequate food, clothing, and shelter.”-Statement currently exhibited in the Hoa Lo...


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Basic 2000

At the Gateway to the Air Force young people prepare to become part of USAF’s Expeditionary Aerospace Force.