Richard J. Newman

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The European Invasion

The US now has become the target market for some of Europe's biggest defense firms.

Upheaval at the Academy

For a full year, the Air Force Academy has been grappling with a major sexual assault problem.

Ambush at Najaf

Was it just poor tactics or some deeper problem that caused the failed Apache mission?

War From Afar

Important parts of Operation Iraqi Freedom were carried out by remote control.

The Iraqi File

Long before they went into combat, US forces had gotten the goods on their Iraqi foe.

Grim Days for the Airlines

Several converging factors—not just terrorism—have made life difficult for the nation’s commercial car

Masters of Invisibility

In Afghanistan, the work of USAF Special Operations Forces was not seen but most assuredly felt.

Space Watch, High and Low

The SBIRS constellations hold the key to warning and intercept of enemy ballistic missiles.

From Khobar to Cole

Five years later, terrorists attack again in the Middle East. This time, though, the skipper didn't wa

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