Space Force uniforms

Space Force Uniforms Approved, a ‘Home Run’ With Guardians

The Space Force’s service dress uniform proved to be a hit with Guardians—not to mention “off the charts” with younger Guardians—said Chief of Space Operations Gen. John W. “Jay” Raymond, and the service has “slapped the table on the final design.” Guardians gave the uniform about an 81 percent favorable rating during the road show, Raymond said. “If you get 81 percent on anything, it’s a home run.”
F-35 JPO

Repositioning of Russian Forces in Ukraine Creates Nightmare Scenario for Romania

Romanian government officials who spoke to Air Force Magazine in Bucharest worried that Russian President Vladimir Putin appears to be moving towards a strategy of uniting the Russian-speaking areas of Ukraine under Moscow’s control. The move to reposition Russian forces in Ukraine's south and east could lead to a Russian land border with NATO. Romania has been a stalwart American ally in recent years, hosting roughly 800 American troops on its military bases, including the air policing mission at Fetesti Air Base near the strategically important Danube river delta. In February, the U.S. also sent two F-35s to help deter Russia.
Nakasone HASC

Ukraine Crisis to Influence Growth of US Cyber Force, Nakasone Says

In the lead-up to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, "hunt-forward" teams deployed from U.S. Cyber Command to help the Ukrainians harden their networks and identify vulnerabilities—an early defensive play in a conflict that would be dominated by information operations and cyber threats. CYBERCOM also provided remote analysis to Ukraine and moved into high gear when the invasion began to mitigate threats and offer support for critical networks. The prominent cyber element in the current war has captured public attention and underscored the Pentagon's emphasis on this emerging capability. And it will likely have implications for future defense budgets and growth strategies, the head of CYBERCOM said April 5.
air force materiel command

Biden Nominates New Commanders for AFMC, AETC

The Air Force is poised to have two new heads of major commands, as President Joe Biden nominated Lt. Gen. Duke Z. Richardson to receive a fourth star and lead Air Force Materiel Command and Lt. Gen. Brian S. Robinson to take over Air Education and Training Command. In addition to Richardson and Robinson, the Air Force also announced a slate of nominations shuffling several key positions in the Pentagon.
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Pentagon Brass: 2023 Budget Built off ‘Inaccurate’ Inflation Rates

With many lawmakers already pushing to increase the top line of the Pentagon’s fiscal 2023 budget, top defense officials acknowledged April 5 that their budget request was based off inflation rates that were “incorrect.” At the same time, they argued, the $773 billion request would be enough to pursue the Defense Department’s goals of modernization to match the threat of China and Russia.
Tournear Space Symposium

Cutting Edge New LEO Constellations Will Use Familiar Link 16 Tech

The Space Development Agency’s experimental Low Earth Orbit (LEO) data transport constellation will employ bleeding edge new technology in space when it starts to launch later this year. But down on the ground, SDA Director Derek M. Tournear told the Space Symposium April 6, the satellites will employ more familiar tech: The 90’s-era Link 16 tactical communications.

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ULA Expects Amazon Deal to Drive Down Space Force’s Vulcan Launch Costs

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A newly announced contract between United Launch Alliance and Amazon could have implications for the next phase of the Space Force’s National Security Space Launch competition. ULA announced this week its Vulcan rocket has been selected to fly 38 launches for Amazon’s Project Kuiper—a constellation of 3,236 satellites aimed at expanding broadband access in underserved regions. Those 38 missions are on top of nine Atlas V rockets Amazon has already ordered from ULA.

Lockheed Martin Pushes USB-like Universal Plug-in for Satellites

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Lockheed Martin is not only building a new interface and docking system for upgrading payloads or shifting a satellite’s mission on orbit, but it’s also seeking to influence industry-wide standardization around their approach, according to company officials. The company’s new satellite adapter kit, called the Augmentation System Port Interface (ASPIN), provides both an electric and data interface as well as a docking mechanism that fits onto a host satellite.

The Ukraine War Is Giving Commercial Space an ‘Internet Moment’

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Capabilities honed by commercial space companies to document the destruction inflicted by Russia in Ukraine are likely to have long-lasting effects on the industry. Satellites have brought the world unprecedented glimpses into the brutal war, whether through commercial imagery showing the Russian destruction of a shelter clearly labeled as having kids inside, social-media videos shared via SpaceX’s Starlink satellites, or a photojournalist’s pictures from Mariupol filed through satellite phones.

Northrop Grumman and AT&T Creating ‘Military Internet of Things’


Defense giant Northrop Grumman and AT&T are partnering to create what will be a "military Internet of Things" where sensors, weapons, and data will all be connected by a 5G network. Kathy Warden, Northrop Grumman CEO and president, announced the partnership April 6 at the Axios What's Next summit in Washington, D.C.

German Air Force Banks on Israel’s Arrow-3 for National Missile Shield

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The German Air Force is looking to the Israeli Arrow-3 system to quickly field a defensive weapon against Russian Iskander and other missiles, according to a service spokesman. The push follows the “informal” approval by political leaders in Germany to initiate more concrete acquisition plans, the spokesman told Defense News. Internally, plans to erect a defense system for Germany and, potentially, neighboring countries, goes by the working title of “German Iron Shield.”

Mental Health Visits Up, Suicidal Behavior Down for Vets Given iPads During Pandemic, Study Finds

A program that put iPads in the hands of veterans with mental health conditions at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in increased therapy sessions and reduced suicidal behaviors, according to a new study. At the start of the pandemic in 2020, the Department of Veterans Affairs distributed nearly 99,000 of the tablet computers to veterans for telehealth appointments, with more than one-third issued to rural veterans without computers or who faced long drives for medical care.

War in Ukraine Underscores Need for Missile Defense Upgrade


The war in Ukraine is demonstrating the rapid pace of change in modern warfare and underscoring the need for enhanced missile defense capabilities, Derek Tournear, director of the Pentagon’s Space Development Agency, said April 6 at the Space Symposium. “We have seen some hypersonics deployed over Ukraine,” Tournear said. Once it’s in place, SDA’s missile Tracking Layer “would allow you to detect them and track them,” he said.

Air Force Awards B-21 Raider Advance Procurement to Support Acquisition of Long Lead Items for Production

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The Department of the Air Force awarded $108 million to Northrop Grumman for advance procurement to support the B-21 Raider program. Advance procurement funds will directly support the acquisition of long lead items necessary to build the first lot of production B-21 aircraft. The award of advance procurement reaffirms the Air Force’s commitment to fielding what will become the backbone of the 21st century bomber fleet.

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This Air Force Pilot Is The Banksy of Helmet Wraps

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For decades, pilots in the U.S. Air Force were forced to sport drab uniform grey flying helmets while lusting after the customization offered to their Navy counterparts. But in 2019, in a bid to up morale (and the number of cool helmets) the branch decided to begin allowing airmen to personalize their caps.