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Ukraine Crisis to Influence Growth of US Cyber Force, Nakasone Says

In the lead-up to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, "hunt-forward" teams deployed from U.S. Cyber Command to help the Ukrainians harden their networks and identify vulnerabilities—an early defensive play in a conflict that would be dominated by information operations and cyber threats. CYBERCOM also provided remote ...

Full-Spectrum Employment Is an Industry Priority for EMS Warfare

With peer adversaries gaining ground in electromagnetic spectrum warfare, the U.S. military must employ the entire spectrum to protect warfighters and press the advantage, a panel of industry experts said. Speaking at the AFA Warfare Symposium on March 4, the experts in EMS warfare also ...

Human Battle Managers Will Remain Essential in ABMS, Industry Experts Say

The Air Force is working to develop a future command-and-control system that will anticipate Airmen's needs and use advanced technology and resilient communications to enable faster decision-making. But none of that will replace the person in the loop, a panel of military and industry specialists said.

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