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NATO Activates Nuclear Defense Element as Ukraine Prepares for Chemical Attack

NATO activated a specialized defense element to protect against a potential mass-casualty chemical, biological, or nuclear weapon attack by Russia in Ukraine. The move came as alliance defense ministers met in Brussels on March 24, promising new types of assistance to Ukraine. “Any use of chemical weapons will totally change the nature of the conflict,” NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said. “There's also a risk that it will have a direct effect on people living in NATO countries, because we can see contamination, we can see the spread of chemical agents or biological weapons into our countries.”
Joe Biden

Biden Promises Response if Russia Uses Chemical Weapons in Ukraine, Calls for Continued NATO Unity

President Joe Biden warned that the United States will respond if Russia uses chemical weapons against Ukraine. Biden also promised to take in 100,000 Ukrainian refugees, provide $1 billion in humanitarian support to Ukraine, and impose a new round of sanctions against Russian politicians, entities, and defense companies. “Putin was banking on NATO being split,” said Biden, in Europe accompanied by Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III. "NATO has never, never been more united than it is today."
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‘Boxed Into a Corner,’ Russia Could Be a Counterspace Wild Card

China’s space infrastructure has made it more of a military match for the U.S. than Russia, in terms of space, but Russia presents more of an “unknown,” especially as it’s “boxed into a corner” in its invasion of Ukraine, said a top Space Force intelligence officer. Russia also doesn’t have as high a stake in the orbital environment as the U.S. and China.
Gen. Charles B. Boyd

Gen. Charles G. Boyd, Former POW, Dies at 83

Gen. Charles G. Boyd, the only former Vietnam-era prisoner of war to attain four-star rank, died March 23 at age 83. Boyd also headed Air University and was deputy commander-in-chief of U.S. European Command. In later years, he served with a number of think tanks and strategic thinking organizations and as a national security adviser to the Speaker of the House.

Hackers Attacked Satellite Terminals Through Management Network, Viasat Officials Say

The cyberattack that cut communications for thousands of European users of Viasat’s satellite broadband service was carried out by hackers compromising and exploiting the system that manages customer terminals, two Viasat officials told Air Force Magazine. Viasat shared information about the hack with its DOD and commercial partners in the Commercial Integration Cell, or CIC. Located at Vandenberg Space Force Base, Calif., the CIC is based in the Combined Space Operations Center, part of U.S. Space Command, and exists to share “real‐time and near real‐time information … during daily routine operations and to enable rapid, informed response to critical unplanned space events.”
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North Korea Tests New ICBM; VanHerck Touts Need for Missile Defense

North Korea test-launched a new intercontinental ballistic missile, officials from Japan and South Korea said March 24, marking North Korea's first ICBM-range test in years and once again ramping up tensions in the region. According to a release from the Japanese Ministry of Defense, the launch occurred in the early afternoon local time March 24, with the missile flying 71 minutes, reaching an altitude of more than 6,000 kilometers, and landing roughly 1,100 kilometers away in the waters off Japan’s western coast.

Whiteman B-2 Flies to Australia and Back, Conducts Training with RAAF

A B-2 bomber flew from Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo., to Australia and back over the course of more than 50 hours recently, integrating with five different fighter aircraft from the U.S. Air Force and the Royal Australian Air Force along the way. The B-2 Spirit from the 509th Bomb Wing became on March 23 the first such bomber to land at Royal Australian Air Force Base Amberley.

Radar Sweep

Everything to Know About Switchblades, the Attack Drones the US is Giving Ukraine

Popular Science

President Joe Biden announced March 16 that the United States would send $800 million worth of military assistance to Ukraine to aid the country as it fights a defensive war against Russia’s invading military. Among the anti-tank, anti-aircraft, and anti-personnel weapons included in the aid package was a line entry for “100 Tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems.” Later that day, those systems were confirmed to be Switchblade drones, a kind of piloted missile that can also be a scout.

Hindu Airman Who Waited Nearly 2 Years Gets Waiver to Wear Religious Symbol While in Uniform

A Hindu Airman at Warren Air Force Base, Wyo., who had been waiting nearly two years was granted approval in February to wear the Tilak Chandlo religious symbol—a red dot on the forehead—while in uniform. Senior Airman Darshan Shah, an aerospace medical technician assigned to the 90th Operational Medical Readiness Squadron, first applied for the waiver during basic training in June 2020 and was ecstatic to find out it had finally been granted.

Air Force Senior Leader Changes

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Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall announced the retirement of six general officers and the reassignment of several more.

OPINION: Ukraine Should Provide Japan’s Wake-Up Call

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“Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has drawn concern and comparison to what China may have in mind for Taiwan. U.S. partners and allies can use this crisis to help them better understand—and adjust—their response to a potential future Taiwan crisis. In Japan, the public is debating what Ukraine’s invasion could mean for Taiwan, adding momentum to discussions of ‘enemy base strike capability,’” writes Jeffrey W. Hornung, a senior political scientist at the RAND Corp.

The Latest on Missile Warning & Defense

Air Force Magazine

Recent Russian and Chinese missile launches raised the stakes in space. Find out the latest news on sensing, tracking, and defending against enemy missile strikes.

Air Force Deputy CIO Winston Beauchamp Gives Update on Zero Trust, Data Fabrics, and Network Improvements

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The U.S. Air Force has made considerable progress in areas such as its adoption of zero trust and the development of an enterprise data fabric, but the service branch still has work to do in transforming its networks and moving its data centers to the cloud. Currently, the Air Force is leading the way in the Department of Defense’s zero trust implementation, according to Winston Beauchamp, deputy chief information officer for the Department of the Air Force.

How the Ukraine War Could Go Nuclear


Not since the Cold War has the specter of nuclear war hung so heavily over a President’s crisis diplomacy. As President Joe Biden meets with fellow NATO leaders, calls for a ceasefire in Ukraine are growing more urgent than ever—to alleviate the widespread human suffering, but also to dial back what veterans of nuclear planning consider an alarming potential for it to spiral into a clash of atomic superpowers.

One More Thing

Application Window Opens for Olympic Hopefuls

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The application window for Airmen, Guardians, Reservists, and Guard members who dream of Olympic competition is now open. Following on the heels of 2022 Winter Olympian Airman 1st Class Kelly Curtis, Department of the Air Force and Space Force athletes have 45 days to apply to begin their training with the hopes of competing in the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris.