March 2023

Vol. 106, No. 3

A new generation of precision weapons is needed to enhance modern strike capability and deter potential aggressors.  “We need fifth-generation weapons to go with our fifth-generation Air Force,” said Gen. Mark D. Kelly, head of Air Combat Command, in October 2021, counting such munitions among his top five priorities.
Continued aggressive attacks by Russia have kept the flow of military aid from the west rising and the sophistication of the weapons on offer growing. 

Honorary Promotions 

“Tombstone promotions” first appeared at the turn of the 20th century and were not strictly honorary at their inception. Rather, these end-of-career promotions allowed officers to retire with the rank and pay of the next higher grade than the highest one they held on Active duty.

World: The Pacific

WORLD: The Pacific: Latest Bomber Task Force Mission; Additional U.S. bases in the Philippines.

World: Space Force

WORLD: Space Force: C-Notes from Saltzman; Satellite ground systems vulnerable to attack; Military leaders look to streamline acquisition.

World: Moderniztion

WORLD: New KC-46s coming ... with problems in tow; Air Force generals concerns over modernization; Hinote wants faster technology development.


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