August 2022

Vol. 105, No. 8

As part of Air Force Magazine’s commemoration of the Air Force’s 75th anniversary, Sept. 18, 2022, we set out to interview all of the living former Chiefs of Staff, ultimately interviewing seven of the eight former Chiefs from 1990 to the present. In this first in a two-part series, we share the stories of four of those Chiefs: No. 14 Gen. Merrill A. McPeak (1990-1994); No. 15 Gen. Ronald R. Fogleman (1994-1997); No. 17 Gen. John P. Jumper (2001-2005); and No. 18 Gen. T. Michael Moseley (2005-2008).  
With roots in the near-space photo reconnaissance of the U-2 Dragon Lady, space-based intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance has become increasingly sophisticated and valuable over the past 65 years. Things will only get more interesting in the future.

Strategy & Policy: The Chinese-Russian Axis After Ukraine

China and Russia form an “axis” working against the interests of the U.S., and that relationship is likely to strengthen in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, despite economic sanctions on Moscow. China is learning damning military lessons from the Ukraine conflict that may drive it to engage in a small war for “practice” before tackling the one that really matters to it: Taiwan. In response, the U.S. should continue with its successful—so far—strategy of building a united front against aggression and authoritarianism.

Q&A: PACAF Readies for New Threats

Gen. Kenneth S. Wilsbach, Pacific Air Forces Commander, has delivered two decades of experience to lead the Air Force’s most geographically dispersed major command. Wilsbach sat down with Air Force Magazine at his office at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii, in a building whose pockmarked outer walls from Imperial Japanese air attack are a constant reminder of the vital importance of air power and readiness.

World: The Pacific

PACAF competes with China; B-2 BTF deploys to Australia; Q&A with Alaska Command's Lt. Gen. David Krumm

World: Space

X37B eclipses prior endurance record; Intel from space; Saltzman to succeed Raymond as CSO; Smaller satellites boostspace resilience.

World: Modernization

Skunk Works sees value in MUM-T; Firms bid on JADC2 contract; F-22s head to Poland; Mackay Trophy to AC-130J Crews; USAF's next Aircrew helmet; Randall Walden to advise William LaPlante; Issues with Martin-Baker's ejection seat.

World: Heritage

Wilma Vaught awarded Medal of Freedom; New Atomic Veterans' Medal; Former CMSgt. of the Air Force James McCoy dies at 91.


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A collection of quotes on air power, space power, and national security issues.

Namesakes: Buckley

Tragedy Over France: The 1918 Meuse-Argonne offensive was the biggest U.S. armed campaign ever to that point. Among 26,277 American dead was 1st Lt. John Buckley of Longmont, Colo., who met a truly tragic end.

AFA in Action

Scholarship awarded to Ohio Cadet; Reaching Kids with STEM.

AFA in Action

Bringing STEAM to Life; Two AFA Members inducted into AFC4A Hall of Fame.