March 2014

Vol. 97, No. 3


A grinding ground war a decade ago reinforced the importance of airborne intelligence and precision.


Not so superior anymore; R&D is a strategic asset; Twenty-three years of litigation; Intangible but v

Air Force World

MOH Process Updated The 2014 National Defense Authorization Act changed the review process for awarding the nation’s highest military honor for valor in combat. Specifically, it lifted a long-standing restriction preventing service members from earning multiple Medals of Honor, even...


Hostage I “I am going to fight to the death to protect the F-35 because I truly believe that the only way we will make it through the next decade is with a sufficient fleet of F-35s. If you gave...

P-26 Peashooter

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The Dambusters

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“The Long Telegram” George F. Kennan Deputy Chief of US Mission Moscow (to Secretary of State George C. Marshall) Feb. 22, 1946 FULL TEXT VERSION It was early 1946 and diplomat George F. Kennan was stationed at the US Embassy...


Total Force Means Total I tried not to respond to [“Verbatim: Eternal Life, Found,” January p. 56] particularly the remarks of former Secretary of the Navy John H. Lehman regarding the bureaucracy of DOD. While his numbers are likely correct,...

AFA National Report

Vintage Do you still fit into your Air Force uniform Many San Jacinto Chapter members manage to do so, at least once a year, for Vintage Uniform Night. This time, the annual event in Texas featured as guest speaker chapter...