July 2012

Vol. 95, No. 7

A SEA Change

The US military is refocusing its attention on the threats and opportunities in Southeast Asia, a regi

Lt. No

In 1953, Ken Rowe, then known as No Kum-Sok, used his North Korean MiG-15 to make a daring escape to f

Air Force World

Welsh Nominated as Chief of Staff President Obama nominated Gen. Mark A. Welsh III, now serving as commander, US Air Forces in Europe, to succeed Gen. Norton A. Schwartz as the USAF’s next Chief of Staff. Pending Senate approval, Welsh...


Make or Break “The Air Force has arrived at a make-or-break moment. The past 10 years have seen the service’s share of the defense budget decline to record lows—hovering around 20 percent of the total—while 90 percent of the Fiscal...


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Stennis Slams McNamara

“Air War Against North Vietnam“ Preparedness Investigating Subcommittee Sen. John Stennis (D-Miss.), Chairman Washington, DC August 31, 1967 FULL TEXT VERSION In March 1965, Washington opened an air war against North Vietnam. “Rolling Thunder” was desultory, so tightly micromanaged that...


What Pay Gap I feel compelled to comment on “The Long March of Military Pay,” presented on the “Chart Page” in the May issue (p. 34). The chart tracks military pay raises relative to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) from...

AFA National Report

A Double in Dallas “This quarter’s membership meeting … is quite different from our routine get-togethers,” wrote Seidel-AFA Dallas Chapter President Robert Gehbauer in his group’s newsletter. AFA Board Chairman Sandy Schlitt (l) and USAF Chief of Staff Gen. Norton...