June 2012

Vol. 95, No. 6

Cope Tiger

US forces go to “war” with the Thai and Singaporean Air Forces in an ever more important large-force e

Air Force World

First C-17 Retires The Air Force’s prototype C-17 transport recently retired to the National Museum of the US Air Force in Dayton, Ohio, ending 21 years of testing at Edwards AFB, Calif. “This aircraft will serve as the representative C-17...


Money Talks … “If you give us force structure back, give us the money, too, because the quickest way I know to a hollow force is if you give us force structure and no money. To just indicate that [the...

E-3 Sentry

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Yeah? No. I take exception to Lieutenant Colonel Piowaty’s critique of John Correll’s article, “The Man From Thud Ridge” [“Letters: Lie, Cheat, Steal,” May, p. 8]. I flew a tour in Thuds from Takhli and knew both Broughton and Piowaty....

AFA National Report

Doolittle Raiders: 70th Reunion Air Force Association Chairman of the Board S. Sanford Schlitt attended the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders reunion in Dayton, Ohio, in April. AFA Board Chairman Sandy Schlitt (standing, at right) applauds during a B-25 flyover at the...