August 2010

Vol. 93, No. 8

The RPA Boom

Remotely piloted aircraft will not only be more numerous but also used in virtually every mission area.

Desert Shield

Twenty years ago this month, Iraq seized Kuwait, and the US launched a buildup that led to today’s exp

The Pentagon’s War on Overhead

Overhead: “business expenses ([such as] rent, insurance, or heating) not chargeable to a particular part of the work or product.”—Webster’s Robert M. Gates has Pentagon overhead expenses in his sights. The Secretary of Defense believes 10 years of rising defense...

Air Force World

Airmen Die in War Zone Crash Four airmen were killed and three wounded when their HH-60 Pave Hawk helicopter crashed near FOB Jackson in Afghanistan’s restive Helmand province June 9.The crash occurred while the helicopter was performing casualty evacuation missions...


From Out of the Past “What has happened, in fact, is not so much a revolution in warfare as a revolution in the US Air Force. Far from fulfilling the dream of wars waged far above the crude skirmish of...

Ki-43 Oscar

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Koh’s Legal Case for Drones

“The Obama Administration and International Law“ Harold Hongju KohLegal Advisor, Department of State American Society of International Law Washington, D.C. March 25, 2010 FULL TEXT VERSION As the Afghan war has evolved, the Predator and other unmanned aircraft have become...


Superpower No More Kudos to Robert Dudney for this concise, cogent summation of America’s current national security outlook [“Editorial: Superpower No More?” July, p . 4]. Of particular note is his recognition that President Obama has been consistent in his...

AFA National Report

Enlisted Appreciation in Oklahoma Sponsored in part by the Enid Chapter in Oklahoma, Enlisted Appreciation Night at Vance Air Force Base offered dinner, games, and some highly coveted door prizes. The Enid Chapter—led by Scott Northcutt—donated $1,000 for the pizza...