July 2006

Vol. 89, No. 7

New Dawn for Russian Bombers

Since the late 1990s, Moscow has conducted a slow but systematic restoratioin of its fleet of long-range Bears and Blackjacks.

Air Force World

McKinley Takes Charge of ANG Lt. Gen. Craig R. McKinley, a 32-year Air Force veteran, became the 12th director of the Air National Guard on June 3. In this capacity, he will head a force of more than 106,000 Air...


Soul of the Force “The soul of an Air Force is range and payload and access. What an Air Force does for a country and what an Air Force does for the joint team is the ability to locate or...


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The Blast From Billy Mitchell

“Statement of William Mitchell Concerning the Recent Air Accidents” Brig. Gen. William Mitchell Statement to the Press San Antonio Sept. 5, 1925 FULL TEXT VERSION Brig. Gen. William Mitchell is the most famous figure in the history of US airpower....


Secrets of Lima Site 85 As a survivor of the fall of Site 85, I was a firsthand witness to many of the events mentioned in this article [“The Fall of Lima Site 85,” April, p. 66]. Of the many...