January 2005

Vol. 88, No. 1

Stories in Stripes

The Enlisted Heritage Hall preserves stories of airmen over the past century.

Snapshot of the Force

Gen. John P. Jumper talks about the Air and Space Expeditionary Force, F/A-22, Total Force, and today’

Air Force World

Airman Dies in Iraq MSgt. Steven E. Auchman, of Waterloo, N.Y., was killed in Iraq on Nov. 9. He died from injuries he received when multiple rocket-propelled grenades were fired on his unit’s location in Mosul. Auchman, 37, was a...


Weakness Is Provocative “It seems that that’s a lesson that needs to be relearned from generation to generation—the lesson that weakness can be provocative, that it can entice others into adventures they otherwise would have avoided, that a refusal to...