February 2004

Vol. 87, No. 2

Revolution by Adaptation

Secretary of the Air Force James Roche says USAF is deep into its second “post-Cold War” transformatio

Aerospace World

Lawmakers: Boost End Strength Despite Pentagon resistance, lawmakers are beginning to clamor for the first true increase in military force structure since the Cold War drawdown of the early 1990s. One bill, introduced Dec. 8 by Rep. Ellen O. Tauscher...


Rumsfeld’s Prediction “I do see a day when this peninsula will be unified. I don’t know when it will happen. I sure hope and pray it’s in my lifetime.”—Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld, “town hall” meeting with US troops,...

The Star Wars Speech

“Defense and National Security” President Ronald Reagan Address to the Nation Washington, D.C. March 23, 1983 FULL TEXT VERSION It was in this truly memorable speech that President Ronald Reagan declared, for the first time, his intent to build an...