January 2003

Vol. 86, No. 1

Desert Chill

The US-Saudi marriage of convenience probably won't end in divorce, but there is plenty of tension in

Fighters of Spangdahlem

The operations tempo at the 52nd Fighter Wing in Germany picked up during the Gulf War and simply has never gone back down.

Aerospace World

Iraq Mounts Attacks on Patrols Iraq continued to fire on US and coalition aircraft patrolling the UN no-fly zones over northern and southern Iraq. On Dec. 1, US aircraft patrolling in the Operation Southern Watch zone responded with precision guided...


It’s Boots, Boots, Boots “In any scenario, the Army soldier brings closure, not precision guided munitions, not surgical strikes, and not minimalist combat events.”– Gen. Gordon R. Sullivan, former Army Chief of Staff, Army Magazine, October. Bad News For Bad...