September 2002

Vol. 85, No. 9

Covering Eagles

Taking photos of the eagles seen on Air Force Magazine’s May covers involves a precarious perch and patience.

AFA/AEF Almanac

A compendium of facts and figures about the Air Force Association and the Aerospace Education Foundation.

Aerospace World

10 Killed in MC-130H Crash A USAF MC-130H Combat Talon cargo aircraft crashed into a mountainside Aug. 7 about 15 miles south of San Juan, Puerto Rico. All 10 military personnel on board were killed, according to US Southern Command....


It Sells in Washington … “The Pentagon junta pretends that the devastation of Afghanistan by our high-flying Air Force has been a great victory (no one mentions that the Afghans were not an American enemy–it was like destroying Palermo in...

The First Airplane Offer

Wilbur and Orville Wright Letter to Rep. R.M. Nevin Washington, D.C. January 18, 1905 FULL TEXT VERSION A year after their first successful flight on Dec. 17, 1903, the Wright brothers asked Ohio Congressman Robert M. Nevin how to offer...