August 2000

Vol. 83, No. 8

Space Almanac

Facts, figures, agency and system profiles, budget data, and other information about US and foreign space programs.

Rodeo 2000

Airlifters from around the world descend on Pope AFB, N.C., for a week of competition and comaraderie.

Aerospace World

AEF Development On Track With eight Aerospace Expeditionary Force cycles behind it, USAF is transitioning to the new world of AEFs on schedule and with success, according to Maj. Gen. Carrol H. Chandler, Expeditionary Aerospace Force implementation director at the...


Forgotten War Your article “The Forgotten War” [June, p. 28] brought back memories, [especially when] I turned to [the chronology] under April 12, 1951. I was bombardier in the deputy lead ship that day in a formation of four B-29s....