August 1999

Vol. 82, No. 8

Space Almanac

Facts, figures, agency and system profiles, budget data, and other information about US and international space programs.

Forward Deployed

The 3rd Air Expeditionary Group formed up in May to provide additional tactical air assets in Korea.

Aerospace World

F-22 Flight Test Avionics Delivered The Air Force on June 4 announced that Boeing has delivered the first block of advanced flight test avionics for the F-22 to the airplane’s primary contractor, Lockheed Martin. The package, Block 1.1, represents 80...

Verbatim Special: The Balkan War

It was less than three weeks ago that the realization first dawned on me: Airpower might actually be winning the Balkan War. I turned the thought round for a while and looked at it from several directions, rather as a...