Stewart M. Powell

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Engagement in Africa

A modest airlift into Sudan marks the start of what may prove to be a new regional preoccupation.

Honor Bound

A Pentagon study provides new details--about bravery, torture, and endurance--on the experience of Ame

A Half Century of NATO

Edgy Western nations signed the Treaty of Washington in April 1949, never dreaming it would be 45 year

Bell at the White House

Robert Bell of the National Security Council staff talks about the complex, politically charged effort

The Berlin Airlift

Veterans of the greatest humanitarian airlift in history recall the experiencs. It began 50 years ago

Remaking NATO

The European Allies want to play a larger role, but they won't be able to do it without US assistance.

NATO’s Eastern Question

Here are the arguments, pro and con, about expanding the Alliance to include former Warsaw Pact advers

The China Problem

Beijing is increasingly arrogant and is adding with determination to its military might.

Scud War, Round Three

The argument continues over the effectiveness of the US campaign against Saddam's terror weapon.

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