October 1998

Vol. 81, No. 10

Baltic Guard

The largest NATO exercise ever held in the Baltic region relied on elements of the Michigan and Maryland Air National Guard for critical air support.

The Access Issue

So far, "lockout" problems have never stopped an operation to which the US was seriously committed.

Do Not Adjust Your Set

Psychological warfare, as conducted by ANG’s Commando Solo unit, means taking control of the airwaves.

Aerospace World

F-22 Flies Cross-Country On Aug. 26, Raptor 4002, the second F-22 fighter, flew nonstop from Dobbins ARB, Ga., to Edwards AFB, Calif., where it joined the first F-22-Raptor 4001-for flight testing. Arrival of 4002 at Edwards represents the USAF fighter...


Dark Days “The situation is worse than in 1917 [year of the Bolshevik seizure of power during World War I]. … The situation in Russia is catastrophic.”–Alexander Lebed, ex-general and presidential aspirant, in a Sept. 2, 1998, Moscow press conference...