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Around the World

Seventy-five years ago this month, Army Air Service biplanes touched down in Seattle after circumnavig

Blood Chit

In many languages and various forms—jacket patches, cards, letters—they were official IOUs to those wh

Victory in the Bismarck Sea

Landbased airplanes sank every ship in the Japanese convoy. So supplies or reinforcements got through

The Son Tay Raid

Twenty-five years ago this month, US forces mounted a POW rescue mission deep into North Vietnam.

An American Hero

Few ever took larger gambles, with higher payoffs or with more spectacular success, than Jimmy Doolitt

Flying the Hump

When the Japanese closed the Burma Road, the route to China was over the Himalayas by air.

In Pursuit of Pancho Villa

In many ways, the First Aero Squadron experience was a disaster, but it was also a turning point in mi

The Cargo Cults

They wait for the ships and aircraft to return--this time carrying goods for them.

The Bat Bombers

After the bats set fire to a hangar and a general's car, the Army Air Forces had seen enough of the ex

The Flying Octopus

Sikorsky's was the first practical helicopter, but a different Russian and a younger Air Service got a

Their Finest Hour

In the Battle of Britain, the fate of the nation hung on victory in the air.

The Inverted Jenny

A 1918 printer's mistake now trades for a fortune among stamp collectors.

Duckworth’s Legacy

It's doubtful that anyone else ever saved so many military airmen from death or injury.

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