AFA Changes Name to the Air & Space Forces Association

After 76 years, the Air Force Association is changing its name to the Air & Space Forces Association to better match its mission supporting and advocating for both Airmen and Guardians. "AFA has always been fully committed to supporting both the Air Force and Space Force as the most indispensable elements of our joint force," said AFA President Lt. Gen. Bruce Wright, USAF (Ret.). "Even now, as the Space Force grows, expands, and builds its own, unique warfighting culture, air and space remain inextricably linked. The Airmen and Guardians who are the masters of those domains nevertheless remain tightly integrated and mutually dependent within a single Department of the Air Force. So it is with our Association."
Austin SASC budget

Air Force May Divest 1,468 Aircraft over Five Years

The Air Force may be planning to divest more than 1,400 airplanes over the next five years, with a net reduction of more than 1,000 after new ones are added in, a Nebraska Senator said in a budget hearing April 7. The Air Force would not confirm or deny the numbers. Republican Sen. Deb Fischer also said the Administration hasn't given Congress enough time to study the budget and its underlying strategy documents.
Romanian air chief

Romania Calls for Permanent US Presence, Air Policing to Deter Russia

NATO Air Command pivoted quickly when Russia invaded Ukraine and deployed U.S. assets to conduct enhanced Air Policing in the Black Sea region, where years of investment are now bearing fruit. “We are living a new normal,” Romanian Air Chief Lt. Gen. Viorel Pana told Air Force Magazine during an interview at Otopeni Air Base in Bucharest. In Romania, the United States, NATO and Romania have invested tens of millions of dollars in air base infrastructure, training and exercises to prepare for the type of contingency now playing out. Now Romania wants a permanent American presence in order to stop Russia.
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LEO Constellations’ Connectivity Offers Risks, And Rewards, Execs Warn

Many of the more remarkable capabilities of the coming generation of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellations come from their extraordinary connectivity—they’re networked not just with receivers on the ground, but with each other, as well. But this connectivity also means an increased cyber attack surface, panelists told the Space Symposium April 6.
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LaPlante Confirmed to Head Pentagon Acquisition and Sustainment

The Senate confirmed William LaPlante to be the Pentagon's undersecretary for acquisition and sustainment on April 7. LaPlante is a seasoned acquisition and defense professional, having served in key technology jobs in the Pentagon--where he last was Air Force acquisition executive--to industry, where he was CEO of Draper Laboratories. In his confirmation hearings, LaPlante said he will move to increase the number and output of hardware production lines.

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Four US Troops Injured in Rocket Attack on Base in Syria

Air Force Times

Four American troops are being treated for minor injuries and evaluated for traumatic brain injury after an April 7indirect fire attack on the Green Village base in eastern Syria, according to a release from Operative Inherent Resolve. Two rockets hit two support buildings, the release said.

Davis-Monthan’s Future in Flux After Congress Blocked A-10 Retirement

Air Force Times

A plan to bring new missions to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona, is cancelled as the Air Force struggles to get rid of old attack planes. Last year, the Air Force announced it wanted to retire 42 A-10C Thunderbolt II planes, all but seven of which are housed at the Tucson base. Dumping those jets in 2022 would have made room to bring testing and training for the A-10 and the HH-60 combat search-and-rescue helicopter from Nellis AFB in Nevada to Davis-Monthan. Then Congress got in the way.

COMMENTARY: Ukraine Shows Why Taiwan Needs More Air Defense

War on the Rocks

“In the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, analysts have argued that Taiwan could benefit from a similar asymmetric defense strategy to deter or defeat a Chinese invasion. We agree. But this strategy will fail if Taiwan cannot disrupt Chinese air control. While parsing the military lessons of the Russo-Ukrainian War will take years, initial analysis suggests that Ukrainian air defenses have been critical in ensuring the country’s survival and allowing its military to operate effectively,” writes Harry Halem, a researcher with the Hudson Institute and Middle East and North Africa Forum, and a Krauthammer Fellow at the Tikvah Fund; and Eyck Freymann, director of Indo-Pacific at Greenmantle and author of “One Belt One Road: Chinese Power Meets the World.”

All of Tyndall Air Force Base's Remaining F-22s Would Be Retired Under Latest Budget Proposal

Tyndall's 33 F-22s are just a fraction of the nearly 300 aircraft retirements built into this year's Air Force budget request. The cost of maintaining and upgrading those fighter jets to be ready for combat would be nearly $2 billion. While the F-22s at Tyndall would all be retired, others in the fleet would be shuffled to other bases as the Air Force tries to save money.

The Pentagon's Long Road to an Army of Autonomous Vehicles


Gizmodo joined Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks and a group of officials as they observed an autonomous vehicle presentation this week at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory in Menlo Park California. When asked about the state of the AV industry immediately following the event, one of Hicks’ Special Assistants spoke positively but said there’s “still some kinks that needed to be worked out.” Foremost among those were concerns around potential hacking and security, the official said.

Hicks: Today’s Russia Problem Mustn’t Distract from Tomorrow’s China Problem

Defense One

As terrible as Russia’s war in Ukraine is, it pales in comparison to a potential fight against China, the Pentagon’s No. 2 civilian said. The Ukrainian conflict “is not the degree of difficulty that we are looking at in terms of what we need to have to fight in the future,” Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks told reporters traveling with her to visit startups and technology partners in California this week. “You even see the Ukrainians asking for more and more advanced systems themselves. But, the [United States], we're very focused on how to make sure we have a really combat credible capability,” to deter China.

ANALYSIS: Biden’s Actions and Words Since Warsaw Align with Walked-back Declaration that Putin Must Go

Roll Call

Since that March 26 remark in Poland was walked back by West Wing aides, only to have Biden stand by them a few days later, his administration has sanctioned more influential Russian individuals and entities and slapped more export controls on Moscow. On Wednesday, the administration sought to end U.S. investment inside Russia. The White House again this week contended—publicly, at least—that Biden does not have a policy of regime change in Moscow. But questions to that end are lobbed at Press Secretary Jen Psaki and other White House officials daily. And for good reason.

One More Thing

Airman Stationed at Eglin Air Force Base will have Design Featured on NASCAR Car


Tech. Sgt. Andrew Brockman, a 96th Maintenance Squadron senior munitions inspector, recently won the Petty GMS and Air Force-sponsored Paint Scheme Fan Vote Contest. Brockman's dark green paint scheme design was inspired by Air Force beginnings with the Army Air Corps, images of a B-29 Superfortress, and the Air Force's 75th Anniversary this year.