Air Force Depots Not Slowing Down

The Air Force’s depot maintenance activities continue unabated during the COVID-19 crisis, but Air Force Materiel Command is staying alert for supply chain issues that could affect throughput.

“To date, no mission requirements have been impacted, and aircraft are still being inducted into the depots,” an AFMC spokeswoman said March 19. “Although we are monitoring for slowing of supply chain operations, we are not aware of any supply or material disruptions at this time,” she said.

AFMC and the Air Force Sustainment Center are “carefully monitoring and assessing local needs” at each of USAF’s three main depots and satellite facilities, the spokeswoman said. Each depot commander has put into place measures to minimize COVID-19 exposure, including maximizing telework, authorizing administrative leave for individuals at high risk for COVID-19 who aren’t otherwise eligible for telework, and implementing social distancing “where practical.” All steps are being balanced with the need to complete the mission, she said. The command is taking an approach of “disciplined urgency” in response to the situation.

The Air Force’s main depots are Ogden Air Logistics Complex, Utah, which works on the F-35, F-22, C-130, and Minuteman III ICBM; Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex, Okla., which works on B-1B and B-52 bombers, as well as military engines; and Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex, Ga., which does the F-15 fighter, C-5 transport, and special operations aircraft.