C-12 Huron

C-12 is tasked with multimission passenger and priority light-cargo airlift, medevac, as well as diplomatic and flight-test support. The family of aircraft includes military versions of the Beechcraft King Air and 1900C (C-12J). Flight decks and cabins are pressurized for high-altitude flight.

The C-12D incorporates a cargo door with an integral airstair, high-flotation landing gear, structural improvements, and optional external wingtip tanks. Both C-12C and C-12D are deployed to U.S. embassies worldwide and incorporate earlier three-bladed propellers. The C-12F incorporated uprated engines, four-bladed propellers, and an increased service ceiling.

The C-12J is a completely different aircraft based on the Beechcraft 1900C commuter airliner with a large, aft cargo door. C-12Js are operated by PACAF in support of U.S. Forces Japan and can transport two litters or 10 ambulatory patients in the AE role. C-12Js incorporate extensive avionics upgrades, including three MFDs, integrated GPS, flight management systems, autopilot, VHF/UHF radios, and weather radar. Current updates encompass basic safety, reliability, and maintainability mods.

Contractor: Beechcraft.
First Flight: Oct. 27, 1972 (Super King Air 200), March 1, 1990 (1900C).
Delivered: 1974-mid 1990s.
IOC: Circa 1974.
Production: 30 (C-12A/C); six (C-12D); 46 (C-12F): four (C-12J).
Inventory: 16 (C-12C); six (C-12D); three (C-12F); four (C-12J).
Operator: AFMC, PACAF
Aircraft Location: Edwards AFB, Calif.; Holloman AFB, N.M. (J); JB Elmendorf- Richardson, Alaska; Yokota AB, Japan (J); various U.S. embassies.
Active Variants: •C-12C. C-12As retrofit with PT6A-41 engines. •C-12D. C-12 with an enlarged cargo door and strengthened wings. •C-12F. C-12 with uprated PT6A-42 engines, eight-passenger seating, and AE capability. •C-12J. Military version of the Beechcraft Model 1900C commuter airliner.
Dimensions: Span 54.5 ft, length 43.8 ft, height 15 ft (C/D/F); span 54.5 ft, length 57 ft, height 15 ft (J).
Weight: Max T-O 15,000 lb (F); 16,710 lb (J).
Power Plant: Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-41 (C/D) or PT6A-42 (F) turbo-props, each 850 shp; PT6A-65B turboprops, each 1,173 shp.
Performance: Speed 300 mph (C/D) 336 mph (F) range 2,271 miles; 284 mph, range 1,669 miles (J).
Ceiling: 31,000 ft (C/D); 35,000 ft (F); 25,000 ft (J).
Accommodation: Two pilots; Load: eight passengers (C/D/F), 19 passengers or 3,500 lb cargo (C-12J).

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