JSOW is a joint USAF-Navy family of medium-range, GPS/INS guided, standoff air-to-ground glide weapons.

It is used to attack a variety of soft and armored area targets during day and night and adverse weather conditions.

The baseline BLU-97 CEM variant is used against soft and area targets. The BLU-108 variant provides anti-armor capability. The AGM-154C incorporates an additional imaging IR seeker and is intended for use against hardened, stationary targets.

The new AGM-154C-1 variant adds moving, maritime strike capability to the baseline C variant, which reached IOC with the Navy in 2016.

The weapon completed operational flight testing on the F-35C in 2019, clearing the way for ongoing internal integration and testing on the F-35A.

Contractor: Raytheon.
First Flight: December 1994.
Delivered: 2000-05 (USAF).
IOC: 2000.
Active Variants: •AGM-154A. Baseline BLU-97 CEM variant for soft/area targets. •AGM-154B. The BLU-108 submunition variant for anti-armor. •AGM-154C. Imaging IR-guided variant for hardened tactical targets.
Dimensions: Length 13.3 ft, diameter 13 in.
Performance: Range 13.8 miles low altitude, 73 miles high altitude.
Guidance: GPS/INS.
Warhead: See variants above.
Integration: B-1, B-2, B-52, F-15E, and F-16. Planned: F-35A.

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