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King Aerospace Makes It Happen for Our Military

May 4, 2023
When our nation’s military branches or government agencies need to perform an important mission on our country’s behalf, the team at King Aerospace is ready to serve. “No one is happy when their aircraft isn’t available,” says King Aerospace’s Chairman...
King Aerospace has gained extensive hands-on experience supporting government-operated, special-mission aircraft, primarily military derivatives of Boeing, DeHavilland, and Beech King Air aircraft. “Whether the aircraft is flying a top-level government official or conducting information-gathering flights over a demilitarized zone on the other side of the ...
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King Aerospace: Doing Things Right

Oct. 6, 2021
Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf famously said, “The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war.” King Aerospace President Jarid King says that concept—doing everything possible to do things right the first time to prevent issues later—drives everything they do for the government and military. And, he says, it has since ...
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Contractor Logistics Services: A Way of Life

Oct. 1, 2021
Service to God, Country and Family fuels Texas-based King Aerospace. Winning a contractor logistics support contract in 1992 launched King Aerospace and, from that day, established it as a mission-ready, no-excuses aviation services provider.