Spotlight: SMSgt. Ernesto J. Rendon Jr.

SMSgt. Ernesto J. Rendon Jr., an air freight superintendent with the 62nd Aerial Port Squadron at JB Lewis-McChord, Wash., is one of the Air Force’s 12 Outstanding Airmen of the Year for 2013. As a first sergeant, Rendon encouraged excellence throughout ?his unit, and his commander considered his advice in disciplinary actions to be “spot-on.” Rendon led a squadron inspection, earning zero safety failures and an overall “outstanding.” He also oversaw four separate nuclear asset movements that enabled the wing to receive the highest inspection rating. He led the unit’s Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, directing movement of 74 utility vehicles and some 474 tons of supplies in less than 96 hours. He helped advance airdrop training, helping qualify 50 aircrews. Teamed with Air Mobility Command’s joint movement center, he helped develop cargo movement guidance, maximizing training missions to save transportation costs. He has completed a bachelor’s degree in management studies. Rendon’s home of record is Weslaco, Tex. This entry is the last in the Daily Report’s series that shined the spotlight on each of the OAY in the days leading up to AFA’s Air & Space Conference that starts on Monday in National Harbor, Md. AFA is honoring these airmen on Monday at the Outstanding Airmen of the Year Dinner. Also featured were:

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